Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) VPN Setup Guides

WiTopia supports all three VPN service types available on Apple iOS. You can set up as many different profiles as you like and switch at will. Typically, the closer you are to a VPN gateway location, the better the VPN will perform. We suggest, at least, setting up one of each VPN type for the city closest to you in case one VPN protocol is blocked at a particular location.

IPsec – Tends to be the most secure (we support up to AES 256bit encryption!), the fastest, and has the most cities available.

L2TP over IPsec – Very secure and performs well. Not as many cities available as IPsec and PPTP.

PPTP – an older protocol. “Usually” not as fast and is not as secure. Still, it’s a plucky little VPN that performs well when there is network congestion so it shouldn’t be dismissed.

OpenVPN – Setup is a bit time-consuming and manual at this point. We are actively working on making it easier. Unless you’re technical, we’d recommend using one of the other three supported VPN types at the moment.

Select the type of VPN to setup
(iOS 9.3 or less)