Apple iOS L2TP Setup

Setup L2TP VPN
  1. Choose Settings from your home screen.
  2. Choose General
  3. Choose VPN
  4. Choose Add VPN Configuration
  5. Choose L2TP at top of screen.
  • Description = WiTopia L2TP, or whatever you wish
  • Server = CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABLE SERVER NAMES and type the city of your choice from list.
  • Account = Enter your VPN Username*** (will usually be W\YourEmailAddress)
                        (example: W\
  •                    MUST BE A CAPITAL W and a BACKSLASH (NOT FRONTSLASH)

    *** Some customers may have a Username in format of “johnsmith@witopia”
    You can always check your Username or Reset your VPN Password via your customer portal.

  • RSA SecurID = OFF
  • Password = Your VPN Password
  • Secret = witopia1
  • Send all Traffic = ON
  • Proxy = OFF
  • Click SAVE at the top
  • Connecting and Disconnecting
    Just go to Settings and slide VPN selector to on. You will receive a welcome message and a VPN indicator will appear at the top of your device’s screen. To disconnect, go to Settings and slide indicator to off.